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Our Story

Ad Vitam d.o.o. is a marketing agency founded in 2005. We offer our clients products and services of the highest quality. Quality requires continuous investment; therefore we continuously improve, research and create.

We have a 10-year history of devotion to our customers and development of products that they need behind us. We very much love and enjoy what we do.

We are extremely proud that all our products are made in Croatia.

The Women's Planner is our most famous brand, protected with the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office.

The Ad Vitam d.o.o. team, creating and designing the Women's Planner each year, are Dunja, Edita and Ana. In this photo you can see a tiny part of the good atmosphere in the company.

For more information on what we do please visit www.advitam.hr


Ad Vitam d.o.o.

Radauševa 9, 10000 Zagreb

Email: advitam@advitam.hr

Phone. +385 1 2385 408

Mobile. +385 91 2384 826

Fax. +385 1 6646 642