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Women's planner

The Women's Planner is a planner adjusted to the needs of the modern woman; its unique contents make it easier for you to organize your business and private life.Beside a year planner, the Women's planner contains many interesting sections that make it more personal and special than conventional planners. Some of its sections such as pms calendar, breast self-examination reminder and instructions, medical appointments calendar, seasonal shopping list, vacation checklist, list of titles of books or movies you wish to read/see and the list of decisions and priorities for the new year make this organizer book a kind of half-diary that you will always wish to carry with you. Rokovnik 2012 dizajn detalj

unutrasnjost detalj

The contents of the Women's planner are divided into personal details, personal interests, reminders, year planner and pages devoted to personal development, as well as notes on the monthly budget. It stands apart also for the little mirror on the inside of the cover, an elastic closing band, an eraser and two ribbon bookmarks. The Women's Planner is made entirely in Croatia. It is a protected brand registered with the Croatian patent office.It is the first organizer bookwith such contents and in such form in the Croatian market.

The Women's Planner is not just another planner; it is an organizer book with a heart that will charm you completely and that you will fall in love with at first sight.


dizajn knjige razni

Another unique feature of this planner is its design: it changes every year. We make efforts to keep up with graphic design trends from your to year. We also like to play with fashion and bring fashion trends to the Women's Planner covers.

Every year its cover comes in several varieties, for all types of women, from playful and cheerful to somewhat serious and classic.

When designing the Women's Planner, we do not have in mind only its beauty but also its functionality, trying to obtain maximum space for writing within the limits of its dimensions.

Characteristics of the Women's Planner

  • Size: 110 x 170 mm
  • Hard cover
  • Number of pages: 192
  • A mirror on the inside of the cover
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks
  • An elastic closing band
  • A pen holder


The Women's Planner was created to meet a personal need for a well-structured and designed planner. After a fruitless search through shops, we decided to create a new, different planner. This is how the first Women's Planner was born in 2009. It had a spiral binding and looked remarkably different than today's planner.

The first Women's Planner had a smaller format and a much simpler design. Women who used it were very satisfied but for the spiral binding, which proved to be impractical for being carried in a bag.

The first edition produced was sold in record time and we realized that we had a product that was necessary and interesting to women like us.

After conducting a survey providing us with thousands of answers, we made changes to the following edition in accordance with the wishes and needs of our users. The first change we made was its binding and format.

The Women's Planner for 2010 had a hard binding, a larger format, covers in two colours and a colour interior. The survey had showed that women using the planner needed a pencil holder; we added it to the planner and it has been its integral part ever since.

rokovnik 210 
rokovnik 2011

In 2011 we significantly increased the print run and made new improvements. A little mirror was added to the inside cover for the first time that year, becoming one of the most visible features of the Women's Planner. We also inserted an elastic closing band. This time the planner was designed in the pop art style, following that year's graphic design trends. The covers were available in two colours – orange and green.

The year 2012 was a turning point and the year when the Women's Planner started turning into what it is today– a fancy, designer planner about which all women got crazy. That year we made eight different covers, which became a hit right away. In designing the covers we were guided by that year's fashion trends, while the interior was designed in the minimalist retro style. The Women's Planner was sold out in record time.

rokovnik 2014 svi
alex 2013

The edition for 2013 was a great challenge in the light of the success of its predecessor. As we wanted to mark the fifth anniversary of the Women's Planner, we decided to design it in a very special way. It was therefore in 2013 that we had our first designer cooperation. One of the covers was designed by one of our most renowned designers, Aleksandra Dojčinović. The other covers were in bright, conspicuous colours and the interior resembled a women's magazine.Thanks to this cooperation the popularity of the Women's Planner soared. The cover created by Aleksandra is still one of the best sold covers.

After this designer cooperation, in 2014 we wanted to do something different. The survey we conducted again showed that our users wanted to have a planner designed by young Croatian creative artists. We decided to cooperate with the wonderful Ana who designs the 'And you by Ana' jewellery, the original Mirta from the Bombona Kečkica studio, Martina from Friki Frimo, Gorana  from Lolina kućna Manufaktura, Stefan and Doris from Micica Studio, Rajan and Ivica, owners of the NOHAA brand, Vanja and Katarina from PUCE.,and Ursula from Urshoes. The eight covers designed by this team were the most creative and cheerful coversof the Women's Planner since its birth. The interior was colourful and cheerful, just like the covers.

naslovnica 2014 svii

The Women's Planner for  2015  was the most unique edition we have created so far. Out of its five covers, two were designed by Severina. Cooperation with Severina is for us the crown of all cooperation we have had in designing the Women's Planner.

From year to year we have carefully analysed messages, wishes and habits of women using our planners, trying to identify the profile of our users.

We are proud of our users, mostly business women, who successfully balance business and private life. For this reason, when we started considering cooperation for 2015, we had in mind a strong woman who is successful in both areas, a woman with special energy, charisma and influence.

Severina is a woman who perfectly balancesher business and private life although doing a demanding and difficult work, and who is first of all a caring mother.

Severina has confirmed to us that it is all about organization and planning. She very carefully organizes and plans her time and obligations, aided by the Women's Planner. We have to note that she is always on the side of women. Her interviews, actions and songs clearly show that women are very important to her.

severina oba

Apart from designing two covers, Severina has perfectly complemented the contents of the planner by lending it some of her personality and creativeness.

Severina has designed two covers: "Amusement Park" and"Lace".

"Amusement Park"is a cheerful cover. Your mood improves by merely looking at it. The "Lace" cover on the other hand is very sophisticated and mystical.

Sayings cited in the Planner for 2015, chosen by Severina, deal with family, children, women and love. Highly motivating and carrying clear messages, these sayings will certainly be an additional inspiration for you throughout the year.

rokovnik 2015 grupa
rokovnik detalj planer

The interior of the Women's Planner is in the vintage style this year as we consider this style feminine and romantic. Pages coloured in mild nuancesfeature delicate details and fonts.

An innovation that we believe will additionally cheer you up is the Motivational Board. The Women's Planner contains a QR Code; scan it and it will take you to the Motivational Board on our web site.

This site is designed as a site for inspiration and content sharing among users of the Women's Planner.